How does this guide help?

This guide will steer you through the logistics of setting up a charity in simple steps. We will be with you on your journey – from that initial idea, calling or passion, to registration and beyond. We’ll be here to support with any queries you might have around the set up and running of your charity.

Charity set up checklist:

Write your charitable purposes

Charitable purposes state what your charity is set up to achieve

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Decide your charity structure

Organising the structure of your charity early on will help once you start to scale

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Choose the governing document that’s right for you

A governing document is a set of rules for the way you run your charity

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Recruit your trustees

Your trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the running of your charity

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Money Matters

It’s best to open a charity bank account before your charity becomes operational

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Apply for registration

Completing the online application to register

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Extra support:

Keeping minutes of meetings

Keeping a minutes book is essentially just keeping a record of all your important discussions and decisions at meetings.

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Download this checklist

You can download this checklist as a PDF to keep handy and mark your progress as you set up your charity. Just pop in your email address so we can email the PDF to you: